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Executive Director

Courtney Saville

Courtney has worked in international development for 12 years with organisations in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore, including The Fred Hollows Foundation and CBM Australia. Courtney joined as Executive Director of The Island Foundation in late 2019, bringing her expertise in strategic planning, program design and organisational development. Courtney is passionate about reducing inequality and increasing resilience, and is motivated by grassroots activation and participation. Courtney is proficient in Bahasa Indonesia and holds a MSc (Environmental Management and Sustainability), BA (Hons) and LLB. 


Program Manager

Agus Suprianto (Gontor)

Gontor is from Pengudang, a coastal village in the north of Bintan, and began his journey with TIF as a student. In 2013, Gontor became an Assistant Learning Facilitator and has developed his skills and expertise over the last decade. Now, Gontor is TIF's Program Manager, and is responsible for overseeing all of our Learning Centres, team training and development, and implementation of the Learning for Sustainability Framework. Gontor is currently completing a Bachelor Degree in Educational Technology - being a passionate educator and committed mentor for children living in small island and coastal communities, he is excited to obtain his qualification and to continue his professional development.

Bu Herlinda.jpg

General Manager


Linda commenced with TIF in 2021 and works as General Manager. Born and raised in Bintan, Linda holds a Bachelors in Administration and a professional qualification in Teaching from Riau Islands University. Linda has long been passionate about education, running her own English language school while completing her studies. Whilst her career evolved into the hospitality industry, specifically Human Resources and Finance, her passion for education led her to join TIF. When asked about her return to the education sector Linda says, "I am grateful for the opportunity to join TIF - I hope that we can continue to develop, grow and expand our program to reach more children, parents and teachers in coastal and small island locations."



Program Coordinator


Halim is originally from Tenggel village on Poto Island, a small island in the southeast of Bintan. Halim has been working with TIF since 2018, first joining as a Learning Facilitator in the Teluk Dalam Learning Centre. A year later, Halim relocated back to Tenggel where TIF opened a Learning Centre - now Halim teaches in Tenggel and is the Program Coordinator for the Bintan Pesisir area. Halim graduated with a Bachelors in Information Systems from Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi, Tanjung Pinang. Born and raised in a fishing community, Halim says "I am very proud to be a part of TIF where I can contribute to improving education for children in my village and beyond."


Learning Facilitator

Ade Riyokardo

Riyo is originally from Lingga Regency and began with TIF in 2014 as the Learning Farm lead and Football Coach thanks to his boundless energy. Over the years, through working for TIF and honing his skills, Riyo began taking on teaching duties and now leads classes regularly at one of our Learning Centres, and is Program Coordinator in Teluk Sebong. He describes TIF as, "not only a workplace, but a somewhere where both employees like me and our students can learn, develop core skills and maximise our potential." After seeing TIF grow over the years, Riyo believes that TIF's future is bright and he is excited for what is to come.


Learning Facilitator

Fransiskus Xaverius (Tintin)

Tintin is a proud Suku Laut man. Suku Laut is an Indigenous nomadic sea tribe with intimate ties to the Riau Islands archipelago. Tintin holds a Diploma from the Center for Tourism and Education, but found his passion lies in education after joining TIF in 2020. Through his work with TIF, Tintin recognised the power of education to address issues of inequality over the long term. Tintin works with TIF as Community Engagement Officer and Learning Facilitator, overseeing engagement with Suku Laut communities and teaching a diverse group of students at two of our Learning Centres. "I am very grateful to be part of TIF. Sharing experiences with colleagues and teaching children are extraordinary opportunities for me."


Learning Facilitator


Aidil was born and raised in Pengudang, a coastal village in the north of Bintan. Growing up around mostly fishermen, Aidil seized all education opportunities he was provided with as he wanted a different future for himself. After graduating high school, he worked in the tourism sector for several years. Here, he realised how invaluable his education, especially the English classes, had been towards providing him with career opportunities. Joining TIF in 2022, Aidil works as a Teacher, providing the next generation with the same opportunities.


Learning Facilitator

Kenny Afrila Mahesa

Kenny was born and raised in Malang Rapat, Bintan, and is an alumni of the TIF Learning Centre program. Kenny learned with TIF when she was in primary school, and then volunteered with TIF in 2019. She officially joined the team as a Learning Facilitator in 2023 in her home town, Malang Rapat. Kenny is close to completing a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Management. Outside of work, Kenny is an avid singer, dancer and cat lover.


Program Coordinator

Wahyu Rangga Aulia

Wahyu was born in Lingga Regency, and grew up in Bintan. He has been working with TIF since 2018 - Wahyu currently teaches in two locations and is the Program Coordinator for the Gunung Kijang area. Wahyu is a creative who is active in the local music scene and enjoys volunteering in his spare time. When asked what motivates him in his role, Wahyu replied "not only is it a great opportunity for me to improve my public speaking, teaching and teamwork skills, it is also an opportunity for me to make a direct positive impact on my village. This job has led me to find my purpose: to contribute to the development of my village."


Learning Facilitator

Dani Surono

Dani was born and raised in Kelong Village on the small island of Kelong, Bintan. Following junior high school, Dani studied at a fisheries and maritime affairs vocational senior high school, and then went on to study Political and Social Sciences at UMRAH, graduating in 2017. Shortly after graduation, Dani joined TIF and is currently working as a Learning Facilitator in Kelong. Dani is passionate advocate for the development of Kelong Village and enjoys being able to contribute to his community via his work at TIF. During his free time, Dani can be found playing futsal, reading or spending time with his family.


Learning Facilitator

Wisesa Hari Murti

Sesa, a Kawal local, graduated with a Bachelor in Education, majoring in Guidance and Counselling, from Padang State University. Sesa commenced working at TIF in 2022 as a Learning Facilitator where she shares her passion for learning, creativity and love of play with students. Sesa believes in the power of English language skills as a tool for unlocking students' potential, and is excited to witness her students develop over time. When not at work, Sesa is dabbling in micro-enterprise, or spending time with friends and family.


Learning Facilitator

Hendra Ayeska

Ayes comes from Air Glubi - a small island located off the southeast coast of Bintan. Ayes holds a Diploma in Hospitality from Sahid Institute of Tourism, Jakarta, but had long been interested in teaching and sustainable development for his island community. So, in 2022, when given the chance to work for TIF as a Learning Facilitator in Air Glubi, he eagerly took it on. Ayes believes that TIF's program empowers children to reach their full potential through nurturing individual creativity and expression, while also enabling him to develop his own soft skills and confidence in English.



Human Resources Assistant

Debby Joan Noor Camilla

Debby, is from Kijang, Bintan, and has been working with TIF since early 2023. Debby graduated with a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Biology from Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta, and has previously worked in administration, organisational development, and project coordination. Debby says "I am happy to join TIF because I am interested in the world of education, the environment and community development. I still have many things to learn, but I hope that I can make a meaningful contribution to TIF." Outside of work, Debby enjoys photography with an analogue camera, and reading a good book.


Content Creator

Tri Wibowo Mahardika Putra

Dika (who also goes by Bowo), was born and raised in Bintan Island, and graduated from Adhi Tama Institute of Technology, Surabaya with a Bachelor of Architecture. Prior to joining TIF in 2023, Dika had taken on many roles in photography, videography and social media. Dika is grateful to have joined TIF because he also has an interest in supporting the coastal communities where he grew up. Dika's goal for his time with us is to increase the awareness of our brand and our impact. In doing so he hopes he can make more communities and governments organisations aware of our mission, so that we can reach more islands and have a positive impact on more remote communities across the region.

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