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We work with remote small island and coastal communities in Bintan Regency, Riau Islands, Indonesia - here, communities are spread along the east coast of Bintan Island or dotted across the many small neighbouring islands that make up the Regency.


Our partner communities are diverse - some of our students travel to school by boat, some are the first generation to live on the land, and some are the descendants of fishermen from the islands of eastern Indonesia.


We collaborate with communities across all aspects of our work. For example, communities donate buildings for use as Learning Centres, Local Teacher Training sessions are planned and delivered with and for local school and kindergarten teachers, and stakeholders participate in our Community Engagement activities. 

Most importantly, our learning facilitators and partner communities help us to ensure that our learning content is locally relevant, engaging and inclusive of the multicultural and diverse values, languages and experiences of Bintan's children. 

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