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Teacher Training is critically important to student success:

Quality teachers make the difference

but training is lacking


Percentile difference in student outcomes when student has a high quality teacher versus a low quality teacher

of in-class experience training in Indonesia vs 90-160 days in the UK

In recognition of this challenge, the Foundation engages a small group of globally experienced, professional educators who visit Bintan twice a year to deliver high quality master-class training to more than 100 Riau Province School Teachers in each 3-day session. Additionally, supporting master classes are held using the “train the trainer” model with a focus on improving the functioning of the Indonesian teacher working groups:  Kelompok Kerja Guru (for Primary Schools) and Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran (for Secondary Schools).  Each of the latter were designed to provide a support channel for teachers’ professional development, but unfortunately are often inactive or less effective than required.

Training for The Island Foundation’s own teaching staff is provided on a regular basis by highly experienced professional educators, who have created a detailed curriculum and lesson plans for the local children.  Also, The Island Foundation’s teachers benefit from hands-on training sessions with educators from some of Singapore’s international schools, in particular UWCSEA.