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Teacher Training

For many teachers in Bintan Regency, continual professional development opportunities are limited. Not only does this affect teachers, a lack of quality ongoing training impacts students.

Quality teachers make the difference

but training is lacking

% difference in student outcomes when student has a high quality teacher versus a low quality teacher

days per year of in-class experience training in Indonesia vs 90-160 days in the UK

Our Response

We provide high quality, multi-day training sessions that are designed and delivered in collaboration with local partners.


Local Teacher Training sessions focus on:

  • Building core teaching competencies

  • Promoting student-centred learning

  • Expanding understanding of developing students' life skills and higher order thinking skills

  • Improving engagement in the classroom through creative, interactive and practical lessons and activities

  • Addressing inequities in the classroom and promoting inclusivity.

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“This training is very useful, I learned how to research and create school and classroom action plans (PTK/PTS), and also how to apply them.”

Puji Winarti, S. Pd,
SDN 004 Gunung Kijang.

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to take part because in our location it is very rare and difficult to access this kind of training.”

Yulianti, Guru Paud,
Kec. Tambelan.

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