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TIF Quarterly Update

Highlights from March to May

Celebrating another Academic Year

The academic calendar in Bintan concluded this quarter, bringing our classes for the year to a close. Among our 496 students, 92 graduated from the program, marking their transition to high school. To celebrate, we held our annual gathering for key stakeholders, welcoming 186 attendees, including the graduating students as well as members from the local government, partners, educational departments, board members, teachers, village stakeholders, alumni and parents.

The celebration featured vibrant student performances showcasing their achievements and talents, including a performance of Malay dance, an English poem reading by students from Teluk Bakau Learning Centre, and a lively mob dance that included all participants, even local government officials. A discussion panel included a graduating student, a parent, an alumnus, and two local teacher training participants, sharing their experiences and insights.

We recognized our dedicated team with awards: Wisesa, a Learning Facilitator, and Debby, our HR Staff, received the Staff Award, while Halim and Wahyu Rangga Aulia were honored with the Staff Long Service Recognition Award. Appreciation awards were also presented to two local teacher training participants for their active involvement in the workshops and their efforts to extend the training impact to their colleagues through in-school training sessions. Additionally, the Lingga Education Department was recognized for its role as a partner in implementing the Teacher Training Program in Lingga.

The event was graced by the attendance of esteemed guests such as the Head of the Education Quality Assurance Agency of Kepulauan Riau, representatives from the Education Agencies of Bintan District and Lingga District, YPKI Local Yayasan Board Members, and Alumni from the Learning Centres, making it a memorable and impactful conclusion to the academic year.

Our First Ever Alumni Event

One of our current goals is to develop and engage with our network of alumni who have passed through the program since its inception over a decade ago. It was really exciting to bring together our first group this quarter. The event, held in Tanjung Pinang, targeted alumni who have already completed school (ages 17/18+), aiming to gain a better understanding of where our young-adult alumni are now and how we might best engage with them in the future.

Fifteen alumni attended the event, which sought to raise awareness about our current work, reconnect them with their counterparts, and encourage them to share reflections on their time in the program and their hopes for the future. We are looking forward to further developing this network, both in terms of our database and the opportunities we can provide them.

Learning Centre Excursions

Leaving the classroom can be one of the best ways to provide children with engaging, hands-on learning experiences. This quarter, we visited a mangrove with 41 students from three learning centers. The children were guided through the process of planting new mangroves and learned about the importance of conservation.

We also hosted a sports day in March, which involved students from six learning centers. Given that football is a big part of life in Bintan, it may not come as a surprise that 160 out of the 175 students in the centers participated!

Local Teacher Training

Over the past quarter, we have continued to hold trainings for local teachers across both Bintan and Lingga. In Bintan, we held an intensive three-day session for 50 primary school teachers, focusing on project-based learning under the new national curriculum. It was inspiring to see 10 participants emerge as exceptionally active, and we are now exploring opportunities for them to take on co-facilitator roles in future sessions.

In Lingga, our Early Childhood training session gathered 41 enthusiastic teachers to delve into effective lesson planning and assessment strategies. Meanwhile, in primary schools across Lingga, we conducted two additional training sessions. The first session in March centered on enhancing literacy and numeracy skills, drawing 47 dedicated educators. In May, another 48 teachers joined us for a session dedicated to implementing the Indonesian National Curriculum (Kurikulum Merdeka).

Community Engagement

In May, we organized a Fun Day across 12 schools within the areas we are active in. The event aimed to strengthen our relationships with the students and teachers in these schools. An impressive 2119 out of 2290 students (92%) and 142 out of 192 teachers (74%) participated in the event.

The Learning for Sustainability Frameworks

We are big believers in open-source resources, and with this in mind, we have released our first-ever framework document. It explains how we manage and operate our learning centers across Bintan, specifically detailing the learning outcomes, assessments, and methods for communicating impact. We are now working with a consultant to formalize the framework for our Local Teacher Training initiative as well.

We hope these frameworks will help guide and inspire like-minded educators to move away from traditional learning models and focus on developing higher-order thinking and life skills through experiential, fun, place-based, and inclusive learning opportunities. You can read the framework here.

Case Study

Mrs Yuliana Yansah

Our Local Teacher Training (LTT) program seems to be making waves in the community, as participants have taken the initiative to disseminate the training materials in their respective schools. One dedicated participant, Mrs Yuliana Yansah took the lead by organizing a mini-workshop at her school, which was attended by 13 fellow teachers, the headmaster of her school, and a headmaster from another nearby school.

During the workshop, Mrs. Yuliana Yansah shared insights on effective teaching and assessment methods for the new national curriculum. Her colleagues were enthusiastic about the strategies and tools, which promise to enhance their teaching practices and ultimately benefit their students. The headmasters expressed their appreciation for the collaborative learning environment and the practical, hands-on approach to the training.

Mrs. Yuliana Yansah’s initiative not only highlights the effectiveness of our LTT program but also underscores the commitment of local educators to continuously improve and share their knowledge for the betterment of their community. We are very grateful to them for helping to further our vision!


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