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TIF Newsletter October-November 2021


Learning Centres

We are finally back in our Learning Centres, delivering in-classroom learning while continuing with outdoor lessons - it's great to be back!

In October and November we focussed on two of our Learning for Sustainability units: Oceans and Forests. In the Oceans lessons, students explored ocean creatures, intertidal mangroves and ocean pollution. In the Forests lessons, students delved into the importance of forests, and discovering what is in the forests. English language learning was woven into lessons through fun and interactive activities, and students took part in experiential learning outdoors.

Student feedback on the units has been extremely positive, and engagement continues to rise!

Introducing our new team members!

We are very excited to introduce two new senior members to the team in Bintan Regency: Ibu Herlinda and Pak Dedi Zuraidi..!

Ibu Herlinda has joined as Operations Manager, bringing over 20 years of experience in human resources, training, finance and office management in the travel and tourism industry, as well as qualifications in English tutoring and examination. Ibu Herlinda holds a Bachelor's degree in State Administration from the Lancang Kuning University, Pekanbaru.

Pak Dedi Zuraidi has joined as Program Manager, bringing over 15 years of experience in English teaching, lecturing at the Raja Haji College of Social and Political Sciences, village empowerment with the Indonesian government, and most recently training and development in the travel and tourism industry. Pak Dedi holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the Raja Haji University, Tanjung Pinang, and a Master's degree in Southeast Asian Studies from the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

TIF Chair and Advisers meet-up

TIF Chair, Ed Jenne, and TIF Education Advisers, Mary Van Der Heijden and Alison Schwartz were taken on a guided tour around the Natural History Museum (NHM) UK by TIF Education Adviser, Rosie Cooper.

Rosie is the Learning Programme Developer at NHM - during COVID-19 closures, Rosie designed and delivered training to the TIF program team on engaging learning methods that we have incorporated across our Learning Centres.


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