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TIF Newsletter October 2022


Learning Centres

This month, students across our 11 Learning Centres learnt about the impacts of waste on marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Students were invited to take part in scavenger hunts around the Learning Centres, and to create crafts inspired by their communities' location.

At Kelong Learning Centre, which is located on a small island, students made turtles - in the process students learnt key facts about turtles, and about how waste in the oceans is affecting turtles every day. In Panglong, on the north-eastern tip of Bintan, students collected shells and painted them, and students in Pulau Pucung created scenes of a healthy village environment.

Tenggel Learning Centre was lucky to be visited this month by the team from WiT. WiT is a long-term supporter of The Island Foundation, and it was great to be able to host the team once again.


Throughout October, the Program Team received training by internal and external trainers to improve overall capacity and program deliver.

YPKI Operations Manager, Herlinda, led the team through leadership training to improve capacity in decision making, stakeholder engagement and teamwork. Program Consultants, Pima and Pia, provided training on classroom management, lesson planning and group work to improve students' experiences in the classroom. And Alison provided English training to the team via weekly Zoom lessons.

Kawal Pantai Learning Farm

The Kawal Pantai Learning Farm was active this month, with students learning about compositing, germinating seeds and planting seedlings. Students love practical and experiential learning, and the Learning Farm is a great way to facilitate active participation.

TIF Fun Days

Three schools hosted TIF Fun Days in October - in Berakit, Kawal Pantai and Tenggel.

Approximately 380 students and school teachers participated in the events which involved learning competitions, fun games and quizzes.

Students who placed first, second and third in the competitions were awarded with learning materials, and all students shared a healthy morning tea prepared by parents.

Beach Clean Up

In conjunction with Macquarie Bank and Nikoi and Cempedak islands, we participated in parallel clean ups across Singapore and Bintan. The YPKI team were deployed to Borus island with teams from Nikoi and Cempedak islands to clean up the coastline - altogether, the group removed 586 kilograms of waste from the beach.


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