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TIF Newsletter July 2022


Local Teacher Training

With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, we were able to hold an in-person Local Teacher Training this month - 50 headmasters and teachers of 25 primary schools from across Bintan Regency attended the three-day training.

The training was designed to support teachers to develop skills required for the upcoming roll out of the new Indonesian national school curriculum, Kurikulum Merdeka, and delivered by accredited trainers from Sekolah Cikal, Jakarta.

We partnered with the Department of Education (Bintan Regency), the Teachers' Training Unit (TP3G) and the Education Quality Assurance Agency (BPMP) to facilitate the training, with the heads of each organisation attending the opening day.

Student Graduations

With the end of the Indonesian school year in June, 58 of our students graduated from primary school and from our Learning Centre program. We held a graduation event for students and their parents, highlighting students' creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and confidence through interactive games, singing and drama performance.

Congratulations to all of our graduates, and all the best in junior high school! We will continue to engage with our alumni through events and other community activities into the future.

Parents Information Sessions

With the start of the new school year in July, we held information sessions with parents of our 112 newly enrolled students, and parents of existing students. The sessions explained The Island Foundation's Learning for Sustainability program, provided an overview of Learning Centre activities, and allowed for new and existing parents to ask questions and share their experiences.

New Learning Centre - Teluk Bakau

We are excited to share that we have opened our 11th Learning Centre in Teluk Bakau! We have 57 primary school students enrolled at the Learning Centre, and engagement has been high since opening. We look forward to increasing our reach in Teluk Bakau's coastal communities, and to supporting students to accessing quality learning opportunities.

Learning Farm, Kawal Pantai

We have launched a Learning Farm at a second Learning Centre, Kawal Pantai. Students have been learning about seeding, growing seedlings and transferring seedlings to plant beds. Over the coming weeks and months, students will follow the plant growing process through to harvesting.

Stakeholder Engagement

Department of Education and Culture, Bintan Regency

In the planning and delivery of our Local Teacher Training this month, we worked closely with the Department of Education and Culture, Bintan Regency. Bapak Tamsir S.Si, M.Si. We are grateful for the Department's support for our program and activities.

Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji (UMRAH)

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a formal MOU with Education Department of Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji (UMRAH). The MOU will guide our collaboration across teacher training, schools engagement and research, as well as a future internship program for UMRAH students.

Department of Social Services, Bintan Regency

This month we participated in a sector event for organisations working across social services in Bintan Regency. It was a great opportunity to meet like minded local organisations and change makers.


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