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TIF Newsletter February 2022


Learning Centres

Throughout February, lessons at our 10 Learning Centres focussed on the Leading Healthy Lives element of our Learning for Sustainability program. This month, students discussed and workshopped their understanding of, and ideas about, personal hygiene and why it is important. Teeth brushing is vital to our overall health and wellbeing - as it is still often lacking among children and young people, we prioritised teeth brushing as a key theme this month.

MOUs with Village Offices

We have met with all of our village partners this month to update and sign our memoranda of understanding that govern our relationships and program delivery. Our 10 Learning Centres are located in five village jurisdictions - we now have MOUs with all five village offices, and the local sub-village representatives that oversee our Learning Centre locations.

We have also installed signage at all of our Learning Centres - now our students, parents, community partners and passers-by can easily find us and join in with our activities!

Organisational Development

Since the beginning of the year our team has been working hard to design engaging learning content and activities for our students. Thanks to all of your support, our team is creating a more productive and professional working environment, with a nice side of fun and celebration. This month we celebrated Teacher Yeni's birthday, and spent time together at our small island Learning Centre locations.

COVID-19 Restrictions

An increase of Omicron cases in our program locations resulted in the re-application of restrictions on schools. We have adjusted our delivery and office occupancy this month to comply with the regulations and will be watching for further developments.

Regarding travel, it is hoped that restrictions between Indonesia and Singapore will be lifted next month so our Board and Executive Director can visit the team for the first time in two years...! To say we are all very excited is an understatement..!


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