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TIF Newsletter August-September 2021


Student Registrations

Throughout August and September we opened for new enrolments. We are very excited to have 112 new students enrol in the program! The new enrolments bring the total number of enrolled students to 349 across our eight Learning Centres - an increase of 47 per cent!

Parent Information Sessions

Following the student registrations, we held orientation sessions with parents of new students. Across our Learning Centres, 81 parents were successfully oriented to the program and provided with key information resources including our Parents' Handbook.

Learning Centres

In late September, we returned to our Learning Centres to provide outdoor learning opportunities to our students. As schools remain closed and rules continue to restrict indoor gatherings, our program team have done a wonderful job in adjusting to outdoor learning - the local environment provides excellent classrooms along the coast of Bintan Regency!

YPKI Office

Our team in Bintan Regency have moved to a new office..! Everyone is very excited to have a new work space and have collaborated well to set up and equip the premises for office use.


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