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TIF Newsletter April 2022


Learning Centres

This month, students continued with learning on leading healthy lives, with a special focus on food and nutrition. Through interactive learning methods, students were able to continue developing their conceptual knowledge, English language skills and the 4Cs (confidence, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking).

Learning Farm

Our Farm and Maintenance Officer, Roni, has been taking advantage of the recent rains and has made great progress on the Learning Farm. Students were able to take their learning about food and nutrition outdoors where they planted a range of fruits and vegetables. Everyone is eagerly waiting for harvest day!

Reading Corner

With now 10 Learning Centres, it was time for a stocktake on our reading book collection. Departments worked together to collect, sort and catalogue all books and will be establishing a book rotation system across our Learning Centres. At our main centre, the team created a student reading corner - a space for children to have some quiet time with a fun book.

Ramadan 2022

To everyone who celebrates, Happy Ramadan 2022..!


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