What We Do

The Island Foundation has developed and delivers an education and literacy programme to help empower and increase the skills of primary school-aged children. The programme is designed to respond to the challenges faced by small island communities, who are isolated from the main population centres of Indonesia.

The Island Foundation has established a number of village Learning Centres for children, by working closely with leaders and parents in local coastal communities. At each Learning Centre, The Island Foundation’s Indonesian teachers hold regular weekly classes using innovative teaching methods. The aim is to develop confident, collaborative, problem-solving children equipped with skills to increase their future economic and social success.

In addition to teaching children, The Island Foundation holds 3-day masterclasses twice a year for the Indonesian school teachers from Riau Province, complementing the low levels of high-quality in-service training they currently receive. Using highly experienced teacher-trainers, The Island Foundation’s programme focusses on increasing their skills and effectiveness utilising 21st century learning techniques.

Where We Work

The Island Foundation’s geographical focus is the island communities of Riau Province, Indonesia.  Originally, the Foundation targeted Bintan as it was recognised as an area where villagers lived with limited infrastructure and reduced opportunities but was accessible to skills providers.

After carrying out community engagement and consultation, the Foundation opened its first Learning Centre in 2010. Positive feedback from pupils, parents and local villagers has motivated the Foundation to expand its model to Learning Centres in eight coastal villages. Using Bintan as a base the aim is to continue increasing the number of Learning Centres as needed, especially in less easily accessed island communities.

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