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The Island Foundation is an International Charitable Organisation, registered in Indonesia and Singapore. 

The work the foundation does in the coastal island communities of Riau Archipelago is entirely funded through charitable giving. With low overhead costs, we maximise the value of our donations, channelling the majority towards developing and delivering meaningful and effective programmes.


We welcome donations from individuals, education centres and corporate organisations to maintain and improve the existing Learning Centres’ teaching, continue to deliver the Indonesian Government School teacher training, and allow the Foundation to increase its reach into new communities.

The Island Foundation has partnered with GlobalGiving.
Supporters in the US can enjoy tax deductible donations, and in the UK can claim Gift Aid. 

All donations will go directly to program delivery to ensure children in small island communities continue to learn during school closures. 

If you would like to support our work and ensure we can continue to create lasting change for the next generation, you can donate directly through PayPal using the link below:

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If you would like to donate to The Island Foundation through a fundraising or sponsorship event,

please contact The Island Foundation at for details. 

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The Island Foundation is supported by donors and sponsors, including:

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