The rapid development of Bintan has impacted the well-being of the coastal communities.  Health problems such as cardiovascular, diabetes, gastrointestinal are on the rise as processed and high fat foods replace balanced diets.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are not easily accessible particularly as knowledge of farming is limited among fishing communities.  Whilst there are hospitals and clinics on Bintan, access to quality health education and information needs to be improved.

The aim of this program is to improve the health and nutrition of children, adults and elders in northern and northeast Bintan.  TIF hopes to achieve this through the establishment of a learning farm and a farmer’s market where issues of food security are addressed; a cooking school where valuable nutrition information is exchanged; clean water options through home water filters and rainwater catchment systems; and regular training workshops which provide critical knowledge and education to the communities. TIF is designing each aspect of this program to enable the continuous flow of knowledge and skills which will lead to social and economic opportunities directed by the villagers themselves.