About Us

Our Vision
A network of thriving coastal communities in the Riau Archipelgo

Our Mission
TIF believes that skills transfer, opportunity creation and local ownership are interdependent pre-requisites to build thriving communities.  Our sustainable programs centered on education, entrepreneurialism and community organization are hence designed with those goals in mind.

The picture of Bintan changes once you travel beyond the entrance to the Bintan Resorts zone.  The broad population has largely been left behind by developments in the tourist zones. This is especially true in the coastal areas where fishing is the main occupation and rising fuel costs, over-fishing, sea travel restrictions and lack of land-based skills have taken their toll on local incomes.

Singapore, as the northernmost Riau Island, has many residents who can trace their roots back to Riau tradition and culture.  The rapid modernization of Singapore has broken this historical connection but at the same time provided a platform from which first world skills, innovation and resources can be tapped into.  The Island Foundation (TIF) has begun to build a two-way bridge between the islands of the Riau Archipelago, Singapore and the rest of the world.  As a result we have the potential to be a catalyst for the development of the skills with which coastal communities in the area can take control of their lives and develop a sustainable path to success.

TIF is incorporated and domiciled in Singapore, limited by guarantee and has been as an International Charitable Organization (ICO) under the Charities Act since October 2010.  In Indonesia, TIF has established a Foundation called Yayasan Peduli Kepulauan Riau.